Emergency “Service 24h”


Emergency “Service 24h”

Get on-call help whenever you need it.

Emergency "Service 24h"

In the event of a technical breakdown or starting problems en route, you can always count on Service 24h experts. Our service hotline will respond to your call and arrange for rapid, professional assistance. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our extensive Mercedes-Benz service network means we are never far away and can respond to an emergency quickly. A breakdown can often be repaired right on the spot. And it this is not possible, we will make sure that your vehicle is taken to the nearest Mercedes-Benz workshop and help arrange alternative transportation for you.

With Mercedes-Benz Service 24h you can count on these services:

  • Individual assistance in emergencies
  • Qualified specialists
  • Breakdowns often repaired on the spot
  • Remote diagnosis allows fast troubleshooting, providing FleetBoard® is activated


Service 24h: An accident – what now?

Step 1:
Put on fluorescent jacket, secure the accident site.
Step 2:
Report the emergency to rescue services or the police.
Step 3:
Enter the accident data in accident log.
Step 4:
Take photos of the vehicles involved in the accident and of the accident site.
Step 5:
Phone the Mercedes-Benz service hotline in your country, describe the damage and have your vehicle papers ready. The Mercedes-Benz AccidentAssist will arrange the transport of your vehicle to the nearest Mercedes-Benz service outlet, take care of getting you back on the road, and discuss the settlement of claims with your insurance.

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