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FleetBoard® in the Middle East.

With cost pressures in the Middle East increasing and more stringent safety requirements being introduced, it is vital to remain competitive. More than ever before it is necessary to handle fleets in a cost-optimised approach, in order to control them transparently, and to manage the vehicles efficiently. FleetBoard® gives you this optimal control of your fleet – be it long, medium or short distance operation. It is one of the best ways of boosting profitability on the road, every single day.

By using FleetBoard® you can have a crucial impact on up to 80 % of the overall running costs.

How it works

How It WorksFleetBoard® uses state-of-the-art technologies in order to provide its services. The position of each vehicle can be identified via satellite (GPS) at any given time. Specifically captured data will then be transmitted from-and-to the vehicle using the latest mobile radio technology (GPRS). The advantage of this is that wherever you have an active mobile network, you will also have a connection to the vehicle. High performance computers in the European Data Centre of Daimler, located in Stuttgart, then assure the secure and accurate processing of the vehicle data received. The data will be then automatically provided, password protected, to the customer via a web based interface - The FleetBoard® Cockpit.

The specially developed vehicle hardware devices can be updated remotely via the mobile network, without the vehicle having to be taken to the garage, to
ensure continuous operation and increased Uptime.

FleetBoard® Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management / Drivers League

Based on tried and trusted application analysis, FleetBoard® Vehicle Management services support both fleet management and drivers to work towards enhancing operational excellence.

FleetBoard® Vehicle Management will assist the Fleet Operators to manage the daily tasks of the vehicles, providing complete transparency on vehicle tracking and trip recording to ensure maximum usage, and also provide visibility on current and future maintenance requirements and present day vehicle service condition.

Additionally it helps the driver by means of developing a pre-emptive driving behavior through the Driver Performance Analysis rating. This will help the driver to ensure the correct usage of the vehicles driving assistance systems and technology and proactively highlight areas requiring improvement through Mercedes-Benz Driver Training. FleetBoard® Vehicle Management can be used furthermore as a motivational tool as the drivers are the individuals whom contribute to the greatest success of the transport industry.

FleetBoard® Vehicle Management can also be integrated into a company’s existing IT infrastructure via our WebServices support located in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Below you can find some highlights of the modular Monthly Services available from FleetBoard® Vehicle Management:

  • Track & Trace, Mapping

    Track & Trace, Mapping

    • Detailed vehicle positioning incl. Vehicle and Driver Name, Location, Date/Time, Odometer, Ignition and Engine status, Speed data
    • Ability to track exact vehicle movements, Detours, Driver rest areas, Trip Records
    • Complete personalization for Geofencing and POIs as well as GPS route calculation tool
    • Messaging functionality for Operator and Driver
  • Trip Recording

    Trip Recording

    • Fully transparent Trip Recording incl. Driver, Distance, Duration, Weight, Fuel Consumption, Fuel Tank Level and POI location
    • Comprehensive Pause recording highlighting empty trips, idle times and idle consumption
    • Integrated into Mapping client for easy pin point location
    • Instant download to Microsoft Excel for personalization and Reporting
  • Performance Analysis

    Performance Analysis

    • Continuous analysis and Rating of Driver and Vehicle Performance to provide complete clarity on operation of trucks
    • Detailed insight into Consumption and Braking behaviors incl. driver tendencies to promote preventative driving styles resulting lower fuel consumption and wear and tear
    • Full visibility into the use and effectiveness of vehicle technologies e.g. Gearbox or Engine brake operation
    • Fair Performance Ratings ensured by Degree of Difficulties
  • Service, Maintenance & Uptime

    Service, Maintenance &Uptime

    • Accurate and remotely available service information providing a detailed schedule of maintenance requirements
    • Data based on the Mercedes-Benz Telligent® Maintenance system prompting driver performance based servicing
    • Reduced downtime by effective maintenance planning and management of workshop visits
    • Remote tele-diagnostics, fault codes and vehicle status checks for Mercedes-Benz Trucks ensuring Uptime

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