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Bodybuilders PortalThe overwhelming majority of Mercedes-Benz trucks become tailor-made customer solutions by installing a body designed for the intended application. After rolling off the production line, two out of three Mercedes-Benz trucks head to professional Bodybuilders for completion.

Thus, the quality which customers of a Mercedes-Benz truck finally experience is not only based on the quality of its chassis, but also in the particularly skilled and professional installation of the body.

For this reason, we at Mercedes-Benz consider Bodybuilders as our partners in the task of supplying our customers with the most suitable vehicle: fitted with the right body for their operation, and meeting all technical, safety and legal requirements.


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Mercedes-Benz Bodybuilder Portal

In the Mercedes-Benz Bodybuilder Portal, you can access technical data, 2D drawings and 3D models, body mounting directives and much more – for all Mercedes-Benz truck and van models.






Besides providing valuable information, the portal also lets you make your company and contact data available to our sales and marketing organisation, allowing you to benefit from various collaborative models.

You can register for the portal in just 4 steps. For all queries regarding registration, please feel free to contact our Commercial Vehicles product management team.


Contact details:

Our Commercial Vehicles product management team is happy to address Bodybuilder queries across the entire range of Mercedes-Benz products.

Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA FZE
Daimler Commercial Vehicles Product Management
P.O. Box 17880, Jebel Ali
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
phone: +971-(0)4 80 75 265
e-mail: mbtrucks_product_management_mena@daimler.com

Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz: the benefits for Bodybuilders

  • Product portfolio

    Comprehensive Mercedes-Benz truck product portfolio.

    Mercedes-Benz offers an extraordinarily wide range of vehicles for all industries. The spectrum of available trucks extends from the two-axle 4x2 Atego to the heavy-duty Actros SLT with an 8x8 axle configuration and a gross combination weight of up to 250 t.

  • Customised chassis

    Chassis designed to withstand the toughest regional conditions.

    Mercedes-Benz chassis for the Middle East and North Africa are purposely designed for the harsh regional conditions they will encounter. Using sturdy, proven components, they are ideally suited to extreme topographical and climatic conditions, and for virtually all types of bodies. The enduring quality of Mercedes-Benz trucks – even after many years in operation – is reflected in their impressive resale value.

  • Body mounting

    Outstanding body-mounting ability.

    The backbone of any truck is its frame, and good body-mounting ability is the decisive factor when it comes to turning a truck chassis into a complete vehicle suited to the intended purpose. Mercedes-Benz chassis are already well-prepared for extreme climate conditions and a long service life. Chassis preparation and various chassis types designed especially for special applications allow a great deal of scope for the subsequent installation of equipment and body. As a result, body manufacturers save time, and corrosion protection is not compromised – ideal conditions for long and successful operation.

  • Partnership

    First-class partnership and support from the manufacturer.

    One major goal of Bodybuilder Management offered by Mercedes-Benz and its general distributors is to improve coordination between the product planning and production processes of everyone involved. Special frame, chassis or equipment details are discussed at an early stage, so that optimum solutions can be found in advance. So when a chassis is placed on the production line in Wörth, for example, the body for which it is intended can already be preconfigured by its manufacturer. Production of the body can be simultaneous, minimising time losses during the overall manufacturing phase. And delivery times for the end user are correspondingly reduced.

  • Service quality

    Outstanding service quality and superior parts supply.

    With thousands of loyal truck operators supported by an extensive, first-class network of dealers, Mercedes-Benz delivers the ideal After-Sales service. Our large, state-of-the-art Regional Logistics Centre ensures a constant high first-time supply of spare parts to our workshops – keeping all Mercedes-Benz trucks at maximum utilisation.


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