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The Actros offers a wide selection of different applications. Strong and rugged, it meets all the varied requirements throughout the region. Whether for long haulage or in rough construction areas, the Actros is the ideal option when it comes to durability, reliability and efficiency – three essential aspects in every segment.

Road sweeper

Mercedes-Benz trucks for municipal operations are tailor-made for the wide variety of tasks in cities and rural areas. The Actros road sweeper is ideal for narrow city streets and around parked cars. Because efficiency and manoeuvrability are top priorities, it is designed for supreme visibility and a tight turning circle.


18XX 20XX 33XX 40XX
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 18 20 33 40
Payload (kg)* 10,000 15,000 23,000 30,000
Wheelbases (mm) 4,500 - 6,000 4,500 - 5,400 4,200; 4,500 4,200; 4,500
Cabs S-cab; M-cab; L-cab S-cab; M-cab; L-cab S-cab; M-cab; L-cab S-cab; M-cab; L-cab
Axle configuration 4x2 4x2 6x4 6x4
Engine types V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8 V6; V8
Horsepower 313 - 476 313 - 476 313 - 476 313 - 476
Emission classes Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3 Euro 2; Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds) 12; 16 12; 16 12; 16 12; 16
* technically permitted weights/loads. Payload dependent on configuration.

Adjustable chassis for optimum performance.

Sweeper units need a lot of space between the axles and on the frame – for sweeper rollers, circular brushes and extraction units – so frame fittings such as air intakes, air tanks, fuel tanks, battery boxes and exhaust systems are moved as necessary. The Actros’ chassis offers many different wheelbases and frame overhangs, forming the solid and versatile basis.

Harness the power of the Actros – with PTOs.

To power sweeper equipment, the Actros offers a wide range of engines, transmissions and power take-offs (PTOs). The excellent fuel efficiency and low engine and drivetrain wear are further advantages in road sweeper applications, where power take-off use is constant.


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