Outstanding traction, supreme mobility, tough in the taking.

Decades of all-wheel-drive expertise, tried-and-tested technology, a heavy-duty chassis and an efficient drive train – the Zetros is the culmination of experience from the Mercedes-Benz truck line in a leading vehicle concept, proving its strengths in a host of industries. The Zetros demonstrates its superb ruggedness and reliability wherever paved roads are scarce and extreme weather conditions are the norm. And the many attachment and body variants make the Zetros a professional which meets any goal you set for it.


Mining extraction is the process of removing metals, minerals and aggregates from the Earth. Although governments have enforced tough regulations on mining processes, it is still a growing business. To support productivity, mining companies need reliable, high-performance trucks like the Zetros – a good investment and a dependable ally on the ground.


1933 A 2933 A 3343 A 4043 A 3343 AS 3643 AS
Gross vehicle weight (t)* 19 29 33 40 33 36
Wheelbases (mm) 4,800 4,800 5,100 5,050 4,800 4,750
Execution Chassis Chassis Chassis Chassis Truck Tractor Truck Tractor
Cabs M-cab M-cab M-cab M-cab M-cab M-cab
Axle configuration 4x4 6x6 6x6 6x6 6x6 6x6
Engine types In-line 6 In-line 6 In-line 6 In-line 6 In-line 6 In-line 6
Horsepower 326 326 428 428 428 428
Emission classes Euro 3 Euro 3 Euro 3 Euro 3 Euro 3 Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds) Manual (9); Automatic (6) Manual (9); Automatic (6) 16 16 16 16
* technically permitted weights/loads.

Outstanding traction, supremely mobile – and tough as nails.

Outstanding traction, supremely mobile, tough in the taking; the Zetros is the off-road specialist for extreme terrain, the solution for coping with exceedingly difficult conditions far away from civilisation and sealed roads.

Optimum weight distribution makes for better handling.

Its compact 6-cylinder in-line engine with exhaust-gas turbo charger engines installed right at the front has a positive effect on the overall weight distribution and ensures steadier handling, even on difficult terrain.


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